Sunday, May 29, 2011

The End of Spring, Graduation, and many other things

So, it has been months since I have posted anything and i feel bad that i haven't done this. Beware: there will be many pictures.

A Streetcar Named Desire went really well and I had an amazing time doing the show and made some really good friends.

After Streetcar, we started wrapping up the semester. This semester I made a 2.9 GPA and was really proud of myself since i have struggled in the past. One of my favorite classes was makeup...

I also learned how to do blood and gore makeup as well as corrective and fantasy creature makeup. I hope to have my full makeup morgue book of photos up on facebook soon!

Right before finals week, we had the department picnic where the entire theatre department gets together and hangs out, plays football, senior Alpha Psi Omega members get their chords and the seniors will things away to the rest of the undergrads.

All in all, a very fun/ emotional day for everyone.

Then came graduation. Nathan and Brandi and Jillian all graduated.

I am really gonna miss them. I move into my first apartment in July with my friend Matt, who, like me, is an avid Atlanta Braves fan (which makes sense seeing that he is from Atlanta!). I am working at Sonic (Lord help me!) this summer as a skating carhop so i get to skate for 7 hours a day every day that i am at work. The people in Hattiesburg also apparently have never heard of tipping before either so I am making do with what i get.

I am excited about starting my last semester in college in the fall. I will be taking Acting Styles II, Talent Management, Stagecraft and Stagecraft Lab, and the Philosophy of Love and Sexuality. I am ready to be done with college and start looking for graduate schools to get my MFA in Performance. Hopefully, by this time next year, i will be living in New Orleans!

Anyway, That is how my life is going right now and hopefully i will have more to update you all on soon!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tired, But Happy

So, Streetcar is finally over. My uncle kenny and my aunt christine came to see it... did my parents and grandparents. I really was so happy that they gotto come see me in my first mainstage production at the University of Southern Mississippi. I have not blogged on here since the beginning of the rehearsal process in January. I am so tired i don't know how i am seeing straight. But i made it through two weeks of performance and a week before that of tech rehearsals. I am now focusing on graduating in December and finding a job in Hattie for the summer. Its safe tosay that i am tired but happy.