Saturday, December 11, 2010

When I Leave, People Lose Their Minds

well, a big bru-ha-ha happened after i left for home on Thursday. all my friends got into a huge fight and now, jake and jillian are trying to bad mouth liz and brandi to me so i will take their side. I am not okay with that. It is never okay to be manipulative unless you are a CIA interogator. I think the only sane one of my friends right now is Nathan, and he is most likely to lose a limb by the time he turns 40 because he loves to play with explosives. Its all turned upside down right? Liz is livid that i got my feelings hurt because of what jake and jillian said. So, what have i decided to do? I have decided to have dinner with my brother tonight and to stay away from the whole situation. Next weekend, hopefully, Liz, Brandi, and I will be going to Pickwick to have a girls weekend. Maybe then things will have calmed down a bit. Its uncanny how everyone loses their minds when i leave. Maybe i am the glue that holds us together without making everyone want to kill each other. I don't know. I am glad that i have Brandi and Liz and Nathan as my really close friends. Better to have a few close friends than none at all.

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