Sunday, May 29, 2011

The End of Spring, Graduation, and many other things

So, it has been months since I have posted anything and i feel bad that i haven't done this. Beware: there will be many pictures.

A Streetcar Named Desire went really well and I had an amazing time doing the show and made some really good friends.

After Streetcar, we started wrapping up the semester. This semester I made a 2.9 GPA and was really proud of myself since i have struggled in the past. One of my favorite classes was makeup...

I also learned how to do blood and gore makeup as well as corrective and fantasy creature makeup. I hope to have my full makeup morgue book of photos up on facebook soon!

Right before finals week, we had the department picnic where the entire theatre department gets together and hangs out, plays football, senior Alpha Psi Omega members get their chords and the seniors will things away to the rest of the undergrads.

All in all, a very fun/ emotional day for everyone.

Then came graduation. Nathan and Brandi and Jillian all graduated.

I am really gonna miss them. I move into my first apartment in July with my friend Matt, who, like me, is an avid Atlanta Braves fan (which makes sense seeing that he is from Atlanta!). I am working at Sonic (Lord help me!) this summer as a skating carhop so i get to skate for 7 hours a day every day that i am at work. The people in Hattiesburg also apparently have never heard of tipping before either so I am making do with what i get.

I am excited about starting my last semester in college in the fall. I will be taking Acting Styles II, Talent Management, Stagecraft and Stagecraft Lab, and the Philosophy of Love and Sexuality. I am ready to be done with college and start looking for graduate schools to get my MFA in Performance. Hopefully, by this time next year, i will be living in New Orleans!

Anyway, That is how my life is going right now and hopefully i will have more to update you all on soon!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tired, But Happy

So, Streetcar is finally over. My uncle kenny and my aunt christine came to see it... did my parents and grandparents. I really was so happy that they gotto come see me in my first mainstage production at the University of Southern Mississippi. I have not blogged on here since the beginning of the rehearsal process in January. I am so tired i don't know how i am seeing straight. But i made it through two weeks of performance and a week before that of tech rehearsals. I am now focusing on graduating in December and finding a job in Hattie for the summer. Its safe tosay that i am tired but happy.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

When I Leave, People Lose Their Minds

well, a big bru-ha-ha happened after i left for home on Thursday. all my friends got into a huge fight and now, jake and jillian are trying to bad mouth liz and brandi to me so i will take their side. I am not okay with that. It is never okay to be manipulative unless you are a CIA interogator. I think the only sane one of my friends right now is Nathan, and he is most likely to lose a limb by the time he turns 40 because he loves to play with explosives. Its all turned upside down right? Liz is livid that i got my feelings hurt because of what jake and jillian said. So, what have i decided to do? I have decided to have dinner with my brother tonight and to stay away from the whole situation. Next weekend, hopefully, Liz, Brandi, and I will be going to Pickwick to have a girls weekend. Maybe then things will have calmed down a bit. Its uncanny how everyone loses their minds when i leave. Maybe i am the glue that holds us together without making everyone want to kill each other. I don't know. I am glad that i have Brandi and Liz and Nathan as my really close friends. Better to have a few close friends than none at all.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The End of a Long Semester

I took my last final today. It was a doozy and it didn't go very well at all. I am glad that i won't have to take any more theatre history classes for the rest of my life!! There is so much information packed into 4 tests during a semester. The class doesn't even have a comprehensive final exam because there is too much information to put into one test. That one test would take 4 hours to complete! Other than that, i have turned in all my papers and things and hopefully will be leaving tomorrow after i get checked out of my sorority house for the break. On Friday, my two best friends and I are going to Pickwick to have a little girls weekend to wind down after all of our finals are over. I can't worry about what things are looking like coming out of this semester and i won't. It is in the hands of the faculty now. Next semester, I am taking Intermediate Acting II, Stage Combat, Period Acting Styles I, Ballet I, and Intermediate Makeup. I will also get credit hours for acting in the mainstage production of A Streetcar Named Desire. I am very excited about the semester ahead. I will be learning a lot about how to act in classical pieces, get some Suzuki training under my belt, build a makeup portfolio (a Makeup Morgue as we call it), and get experience acting onstage here at Southern Miss for the first time. My sorority sisters are all excited for me and are going to come and see me perform in March! I love all of them. I hope to be posting more frequently seeing as i have a good long Christmas Break ahead of me. Finally, able to relax a bit!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I got cast!!

So, I have been cast as Woman #2 in A Streetcar Named Desire! I know it is a small role, but i am glad that i can now say that i have been cast in a mainstage production at the University of Southern Mississippi. Now, I have my script and i am ready for my turn on the stage.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Presents and Callbacks

I am currently very excited about two things. First off, i got a Christmas present from my friend Brandi the other day during auditions. She got me a vintage figurine of Elvis Presley in his all-black leather suit from the '68 Comeback Special. It basically is this picture in three dimensional form.
I love it!! Another thing Iam excited about is that I got two callbacks for the auditions i went to at my school. One for Smokey Joe's Cafe, which is a musical, and one for A Streetcar Named Desire.
My callback for A Streetcar Named Desire was for the leading role of Blanche. I am so excited!! Cast lists won't go up until tomorrow, so until then i am waiting impatiently for the results. I hope that i get cast in any capacity in these shows as the casting this next semester is extremely limited.
I do love my school and the shows that we do, but i am really disappointed, as is much of the department, in the way that people are cast. The directors definately have their favorites, and it is really hard for anyone, especially the transfer students, to get cast. I am a transfer student of course, and therefore, don't get some of the same opportunities that the others do because i only spend two years at this school instead of four years like most of my peers.
In the end, i don't expect to get cast, but it is a thrill to get two callbacks and to know that they are looking at me seriously.
So, until next time, pray that i don't get passed over again and that i get to once again perform onstage, whee i feel most at home.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

I had my Bachelor of Arts Evaluation today and I feel like it went very well. My professors were very nice and said that they had seen my improvement and also gave me tips on how to get my foot in the door with people in new Orleans before i graduate and head down that way to start my life. My mom is definately feeling the empty nest syndrome. she calls me all the time and just wants to chat. It wouldn't bother me except that shealways calls when i am extreamly busy. I hate that it happens that way. I love talking to my mom. She called today and told me that we would cook spaghetti on Friday. I also hope to get together with my good friend Jamison and have dinner with him and nathan while me and nathan are home. Jamison has anew girlfriend that we have to meet! Hopefully, Nathan and me will get to go see Harry Potter while we are at home too! I think this Thanksgiving Break is going to be a good one!