Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

I had my Bachelor of Arts Evaluation today and I feel like it went very well. My professors were very nice and said that they had seen my improvement and also gave me tips on how to get my foot in the door with people in new Orleans before i graduate and head down that way to start my life. My mom is definately feeling the empty nest syndrome. she calls me all the time and just wants to chat. It wouldn't bother me except that shealways calls when i am extreamly busy. I hate that it happens that way. I love talking to my mom. She called today and told me that we would cook spaghetti on Friday. I also hope to get together with my good friend Jamison and have dinner with him and nathan while me and nathan are home. Jamison has anew girlfriend that we have to meet! Hopefully, Nathan and me will get to go see Harry Potter while we are at home too! I think this Thanksgiving Break is going to be a good one!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Friends

since thanksgiving is just around the corner, i have decided to give thanks for all of the wonderful people in my life. My last post was about my wonderful family, sothis post will be about my amazing friends who stand beside me no matter what. First off, we have Brandi.

Brandi and i went to community college together, but we really didn't become best friends until this past year. She is crazy and i love her like a sister! She is the ginger of the group. She is the one that is goofy and fun loving.

Next, I have Liz.

Liz is the Dr. Phil of the group. She always has a bit of wisdom for all of us. She is also crazy as a loon! I love her like a sister too! She is the one of the group that will kick ass if needed. She abhors anything that is normal and prefers to go against the grain in every possible way. i love that about her! Brandi and her and me are the three musketeers.

Then there is Nathan.

I have known nathan since community college as well. He is the hillbilly friend that i have. he knows how to build a bomb, blows things up on a regular basis, loves guns and hunting, and is a theatre tech guy. he helped me through Daniel and mine's breakup and we have gotten really close over the past year. If anyone ever does anything to hurt me, all i have to do is find Nathan and he will take care of

next is Jillian...

So, Jillian is the craziest of my friends. I love her dearly. She has the best Halloween parties and we frequently have drunken nights of fun at her place. (Well, the rest of the gang gets drunk...I don't like to throw down like they do that often...) Ilove her crazy stories from working at Taco Bell until 4am and watching her run 3 blocks with high heels on and a drink in

and finally, there is Jake...

he is from briton, england. When he gets drunk, his british accent comes out in full force. He has great stories of England and of drunken nights while he was out of school. He also makes up stories about his friends and random crazy things...justask him about Brandi andthe

and there you have it...those are my closest friends...and i love them all!

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Family

So, my parents came down to visit yesterday and saw Moliere's The Learned Ladies. While they were here, I thought about all the things that they do for me and have done for me in the past. They always support me. I am a theatre major in college, and as we all know, this particular career path doesn't offer a whole lot of stability and consistantcy when you think about it. An actor usually has a day job and must work extremely hard to become successful in our field. Iremember when ifirst started college, everyone was asking me what my backup plan was...except my parents. I'm sure they are worried about what i will do to support myself, but they have faith in me, even when i don't have a lot of faith in myself. I love my family and i know that God has blessed me with a wonderful, loving mother and father who want nothing but the best for me and for all of my dreams to come true.

My extended family is equally wonderful. My grandparents are supportive and try to come see me in everything i do.

I also have wonderful uncles and aunts and cousins that love me and want the best for me too!

There are many more people in my family than in these pictures, but i love them all and, believe me, they are all as good looking as the people above!

I guess what im saying is that, even though i am almost 22 years old, i still miss my family and i love them like no one else on earth.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Learned Ladies and the End of the Semester

so, the last show of the semester is now running and it is great!! Im really proud of everyone involved. I, however, am very tired and worn out. I have been going non-stop all semester and i am ready for a break. i think it would be great if i had a twin that could go to class for me for a couple of days so that i can catch up on sleep and my sanity. anyway, i have only enough time to write that. i have to go back to the theatre to work now! yay! haha...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Cold Cold Blogger

So, winter has finally arrived here in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and i have no winter clothes here worth wearing. The result? im freezing. So, im just cold. On the other hand, i am dating Nathan. We are just dating right now. For our first date, we went to the movies and saw "Red" starring Bruce Willis. It was great. We also walked around the mall for an hour while he jokedthat i should pushhim around in the little strollers shaped like cars and put quarters in the little helicopter machine that rides up and down. I really like him. We have known each other for almost four years now. We really got close last semester when Daniel and i were having problems right before we broke off our engagement. He helped me through a lot of that because he has been there before. We are currently in tech rehearsals for Moliere's "The Learned Ladies" and he has been working at the theatre from morning until 10pm every day for the last 2 weeks and finally, last night, he got off early enough for me to cook him spaghetti and watch movies at his place until late. It was fantastic. He is a theatre major with me, but he works on the tech side of things much more often than he acts, even though he is good at both. He makes me laugh and he cares about what i think and how i feel. He loves making me laugh a lot! Whether its making a funny joke or tickling me, he loves to make me laugh. We enjoy each others company and we have similar tastes in a lot of things. Im glad that i have found someone that i genuinly like and enjoy being with. He makes me happy.