Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Presents and Callbacks

I am currently very excited about two things. First off, i got a Christmas present from my friend Brandi the other day during auditions. She got me a vintage figurine of Elvis Presley in his all-black leather suit from the '68 Comeback Special. It basically is this picture in three dimensional form.
I love it!! Another thing Iam excited about is that I got two callbacks for the auditions i went to at my school. One for Smokey Joe's Cafe, which is a musical, and one for A Streetcar Named Desire.
My callback for A Streetcar Named Desire was for the leading role of Blanche. I am so excited!! Cast lists won't go up until tomorrow, so until then i am waiting impatiently for the results. I hope that i get cast in any capacity in these shows as the casting this next semester is extremely limited.
I do love my school and the shows that we do, but i am really disappointed, as is much of the department, in the way that people are cast. The directors definately have their favorites, and it is really hard for anyone, especially the transfer students, to get cast. I am a transfer student of course, and therefore, don't get some of the same opportunities that the others do because i only spend two years at this school instead of four years like most of my peers.
In the end, i don't expect to get cast, but it is a thrill to get two callbacks and to know that they are looking at me seriously.
So, until next time, pray that i don't get passed over again and that i get to once again perform onstage, whee i feel most at home.

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