Monday, July 19, 2010

My Crazy Life

A lot has happened recently. Since Daniel and I broke off our engagement, guys have been coming out of the woodwork saying that they have been interested and/or they are currently interested. Its been crazy. I had a wonderful vacation with my family in Florida this past week and then went to Pickwick for the first of many (i hope!) annual Pierce family weekends at the lake. My whole family was there and it was good to be all together at some other time of the year other than Christmas!! I love my family so much and they are such a great support system for me. I dont know what i would do without any of them in my life. I went to Starkville last Thursday and had an amazing visit with my friend Ted! We have been friends for 7 years and it was great to reconnect with him again. I went and spent that weekend with my wonderful sorority sisters for a formal recruitment workshop and stayed with my friend Jamison at his apartment. Soon he will be moving home to Memphis to go to school there and I am excited to have him back!! I will be leaving for Hattiesburg and Southern Miss in mid-august to start my final year of college!! I may have a crazy life, but i wouldn't trade any part of it for the world!

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