Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Friends

since thanksgiving is just around the corner, i have decided to give thanks for all of the wonderful people in my life. My last post was about my wonderful family, sothis post will be about my amazing friends who stand beside me no matter what. First off, we have Brandi.

Brandi and i went to community college together, but we really didn't become best friends until this past year. She is crazy and i love her like a sister! She is the ginger of the group. She is the one that is goofy and fun loving.

Next, I have Liz.

Liz is the Dr. Phil of the group. She always has a bit of wisdom for all of us. She is also crazy as a loon! I love her like a sister too! She is the one of the group that will kick ass if needed. She abhors anything that is normal and prefers to go against the grain in every possible way. i love that about her! Brandi and her and me are the three musketeers.

Then there is Nathan.

I have known nathan since community college as well. He is the hillbilly friend that i have. he knows how to build a bomb, blows things up on a regular basis, loves guns and hunting, and is a theatre tech guy. he helped me through Daniel and mine's breakup and we have gotten really close over the past year. If anyone ever does anything to hurt me, all i have to do is find Nathan and he will take care of it...lol

next is Jillian...

So, Jillian is the craziest of my friends. I love her dearly. She has the best Halloween parties and we frequently have drunken nights of fun at her place. (Well, the rest of the gang gets drunk...I don't like to throw down like they do that often...) Ilove her crazy stories from working at Taco Bell until 4am and watching her run 3 blocks with high heels on and a drink in hand...lol

and finally, there is Jake...

he is from briton, england. When he gets drunk, his british accent comes out in full force. He has great stories of England and of drunken nights while he was out of school. He also makes up stories about his friends and random crazy things...justask him about Brandi andthe deer...lol

and there you have it...those are my closest friends...and i love them all!

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